Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Intelligent Capture Engine 2.0

Super-charge document processing with Intelligent Capture

Make the most of your PSI:Capture Enterprise implementation with these custom built product extensions.  Building on the core functionality available in PSI:Capture our partners have developed an updated version of the Intelligent Capture Engine.  This solution dramatically increases the automation capability of PSI:Capture while at the same time reducing the amount of time that is needed to be spent undertaking complex system configuration.

This solution turns the process of setting up a document capture solution on its head.  System users (instead of system administrators) become responsible for the configuration and document/form identification by normal business as usual processing.

This solution enables the system to ‘learn’ from what the user processes, so as more documents are processed, the level of automatic identification increases.  There is no need for extensive system configuration.


Key Benefits

  • Reduce the time spent configuring the system whenever a new form or supplier invoice is received.
  • Seamless integration with PSI:Capture Enterprise
  • “Business as Usual” processing adds to your configuration – teach your system yourself – with a click of the mouse.
  • Simple configuration – be up and running in the shortest time.

Automated Document Recognition

Reduce the amount of time spend configuring and make your system benefit from your experience.  With ADR installed the system will automatically generate and store a unique fingerprint for the document being processed.  Whenever this type of document is processed again, the system will automatically recognise it without the need for complex configurations to be set up.


Intelligent Learning Engine

With ILE the system will build a database of your forms and documents and the detail on the data you capture.  Just by identifying the index data on a customer invoice, ILE will remember where the data came from, so the next time this suppliers invoice is processed, the data extraction can occur automatically.


Intelligent Line Item Extraction

Need to get invoice line items extracted?  No problem.  With the Intelligent Line Extraction add in, you can extract line items and create document records from them.  Additional features of this extension include:

  • Text Wrapping
  • Decimal or number correction
  • Multi Page line item support
  • Customisable output

Please contact our distributor IPSO for a demonstration of the powerful new functionality.

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