Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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What we do

Deep Blue Solutions specialise in a number of products and technologies that can improve business efficiency and save you money.  In the past it has been prohibitively expensive to implement such solutions but just recently a number of key technologies have come together making enterprise level document capture and management possible for small and medium sized businesses.  Here's some of the areas we focus on:


  • We are one of the leading consultants for PSIGEN's PSI:Capture, a leading enterprise level document scanning and capture technology.  If you want to scan and capture data and information from invoices, forms, legal documents, etc. this is the tool we recommend.  And it will integrate with most back end document management systems including SharePoint, OpenText, FileNet, LexisNexis, FileBound, etc.  And if it doesn't support your chosen document storage solution we can build the connectivity for you.

  • We can provide the Intelligent Capture plug-ins for PSI:Capture, providing advanced document recognition and data extraction learning.  This can automate the extraction of data from invoices and your accounts payable automation to previously unnatainable levels.

  • We are one of the the leading contractors implementing capture solutions for Fuji Xerox.  Along with Fuji Xerox's SolutionBuilder product, we can integrate your Fuji Xerox MFD scanner directly into your existing business software OR document management system.  Imagine walking up to your MFD, entering the client, project and document type, hitting the scan button and a searchable PDF is sent straight into the right place in your ....  We're already implementing solutions just like that.

  • Document processiong and management.  Keeping all your documents in a safe centralised location with built in content indexing to enable quick searching.  Version control can ensure you can get back to previous copies.  Templates can be used to enforce document standards.  Metadata can be enforced to futher improve document organisation and location.

  • Electronic forms and workflow using SharePoint, Adobe acroforms, iPad, etc.

If any of this sounds familiar then give us a call.  We'll happily come and talk to you about the options available to you.  You may be surprised just how quickly these systems will pay for themselves! 

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