Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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About Deep Blue Solutions

Deep Blue Solutions has extensive experience in analysis, design and development covering a broad range of technologies.  We specialise in scanning/capture solutions along with the integration of the captured documents and data into your existing line of business applications.  Here are some of the key areas we like to focus on:


  • PSI:Capture consultantancy and development.  PSI:Capture is the class leading enterprise level document scanning and data capture product from PSIGEN. capable of reading data off invoices, forms, legal documents, etc.  It will integrate with most back end document management systems including SharePoint, OpenText, FileNet, LexisNexis, FileBound, etc.

  • Custom plug-ins for PSI:Capture provide almost limitless extensibility and integration possibilities.  Deep Blue Solutions can provide plug-ins for advanced line item extraction, document recognition and data extraction learning.  This can automate the extraction of data from invoices and your accounts payable automation to previously unnatainable levels.  We can also develop custom plug-ins to deliver any bespoke requirements you may have.

  • SharePoint configuration, customisation and consultancy.  SharePoint is an incredibly powerful technology but does very little out of the box.  We can turn it into a powerful tool capable of supporting many aspects of your business including document management and version control, product inventory, purchase order and invoice management, time recording, contact management, etc.

  • Custom SharePoint accounts payable solutions.  We have developed a custom SharePoint feature that streamlines and automates the scanning, data capture and approval of payable invoices.  And if you use Xero or MYOB Exo you can even export the captured data directly into your finance package.  The benefits are huge – invoices are scanned once and then the paper is filed and never accessed again, no more lost paper invoices waiting for approval, workflow and alerts ensure invoices are processed and approved prior to payment runs, approval can take place anywhere you have internet access, full OCR and indexing ensures you can find any invoice within seconds at any time in the future.  And the system also supports invoices received electronically, just forward them to an email address and they will be processed the same way as the scanned paper invoices.

  • We also specialise in electronic forms technologies.  Fill in electronic forms in a browser, on your iPad or Android tablet and have the data automatically submitted back via email, into a database or your SharePoint site.  If you have mobile staff filling in paper forms then you need to talk to us about the time and cost savings these solutions can bring.

  • Integration of new and existing systems to reduce duplicated data entry and the frustration and data inconsistency that results.  For example, if you have already entered customer information into your finance system why enter it again into your CRM system and/or your email system!

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