Monday, July 4, 2022
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Enterprise Capture

Organisations today have many requirements for scanning and capture and often have to deploy a number of solutions to meet all their departmental needs. This increases the processing time, administrative headache, support requirements, and overall cost of maintaining their Document Management infrastructure.

PSI:Capture provides the functionality to allow companies to consolidate and standardise on a single enterprise wide solution, providing optimum flexibility and supporting numerous back end systems.

PSI:Capture enables document and data capture using any scanning device. Its simple configuration and easy to use interface allows for quick deployment of any scanning application including forms, invoice and general mail processing, resulting in a fast return on investment.


SharePoint 2013 Capture

SharePoint enables collaboration throughout the organisation, but how can you provide an easy to use, flexible application to import paper documents into your SharePoint 2007 to  2013 or Office 365 Document Libraries?

PSI:Capture provides the answer. It integrates with over 250 direct connect scanners, and any network scanning device that can scan to folder. You can utilise the software in two modes: Interactive and Auto-import.

The software takes the process a step further, allowing the use of cover sheets that can be placed on top of any document to provide instructions on where to route the file resulting in custom named files, in folders within a document library.


MFP Capture

Scanning with today’s Multi-function Printers/Copiers, or MFPs, has it challenges. Although the devices are fast and produce high quality output, there are many issues when scanning with these devices. PSI:Capture enhances the capabilities of any MFP or network scanning device. The PSI:Capture application adds efficiency, standardisation and flexibility to your current scanning process, saving time and money.

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